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When a vision becomes a mission 

With VitaScale, my goal is to help people lead healthier lives, focusing on addressing the issue of obesity. The rise of diseases like type 2 diabetes due to unhealthy diet and inactivity in our society motivates me. Discover why advancing VitaScale is crucial to me and how it can positively impact the lives of many.  

The problem of a modern lifestyle, but technology with great potential

 Losing excess weight is an uphill battle for many. requiring discipline to avoid unhealthy habits and overeating. In combination with a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, it is an invitation for the body to equip itself with extra fat deposits. However, if we don't need this - as is normal today - it has a negative impact on our general health. A disease that can result from this is, for example, type 2 diabetes. (Please do not confuse this with type 1 diabetes, as the cause is usually genetic.) 

We need everyday methods that offer ongoing and motivating support for maintaining or reaching a healthy weight. Innovative tools are needed to make the concept of "healthy nutrition" more understandable and practical for those dealing with this issue.  

The potential of smart technology in this area hasn't been fulfilled yet and I believe there's a significant opportunity to assist overweight individuals, protect them from type 2 diabetes, and enhance their lives—ultimately preventing them from becoming overweight in the first place.

That's why I‘ve created an everyday wearable with special sensors to measure accurate health data in real time. Paired with an app that interprets the data clearly, provides nutritional tips, and generates complete meal plans, individuals can effortlessly enhance their nutritional awareness and put it into practice more seamlessly. I strongly believe that improved awareness, coupled with straightforward implementation guidance, can effectively prevent diseases linked to obesity.

For sustainable success, replace myths with facts

In order to lose weight, it is very important to understand that nutrition is the biggest lever. Yes, sufficient exercise should not be neglected, but roughly speaking, diet determines about 80% of the success in the weight loss process, while sport plays a much smaller part. There's little point in doing an hour of exercise every day if your calorie balance isn't right. In the worst case, the motivation to move decreases due to the lack of success. Assessing weight purely by measuring body weight using a scale is also an outdated method since it has long been known that muscle mass is heavier than fat and bringing these understandings into people's minds is a personal concern of mine. 

Changing your diet is really difficult to implement due to modern circumstances (sugar traps, sugar addiction, oversupply, etc.). Most diets promise lasting results but are only temporary. Many of those affected have already been on a number of diets and are disappointed by the yo-yo effect that usually sets in and are less motivated to change.

That's why I don't just want to use my system to show whether protein or carbohydrates should be eaten and how much exercise makes sense, but I also want to take people by the hand and accompany them in the long term. We work with motivational boosts at the right time and help you get through the critical phase of a change in diet.

Questions that are important for understanding during your weight loss phase:  

  • What is metabolism and how does it work?
  • How does my fat and carbohydrate burn work?
  • What am I actually burning?
  • How do I personally eat healthily?
  • What exactly do I have to do to lose weight in the long term?
  • How do I have to eat, and which foods provide me with the important substances?
  • What dishes are there and how do I actually prepare the dishes?
  • What happens to my body if I measurably implement the recommendations?

Not all bodies works in the same way. It's about finding tools that support the individual in properly understanding nutrition and their own body. It's not about average values: your own individual health data must be measured regularly, offering a tailored weight loss experience.

Recommendations for nutritional adjustments and training optimizations are created on an ideal basis and are perfectly tailored to the individual.

Motivation for my vision: First results will lead the way

The entire system can have a lasting preventive effect against diseases. Especially for people with type 2 diabetes, I see the possibility of improving life by reducing the amount of insulin required and preventing insulin resistance. This vision keeps me working on the development of my high-tech wearables and the associated app. An example from a test person clearly shows that weight management with vitashape works and that we are successful with it: With the help of our method, she was able to lose 20 kg within four months from an initial weight of 120 kg. Such cases in the test phase are particularly motivating to continue pursuing my goal of helping people live healthier lives in the long term.

Author: Ulrich Jerichow

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